first entry

Hello Folks

This is my first entry in my very own blog. I hope somebody apart from me will actually read this.

This will be an experiment and if you are interested you are allowed to comment (I will delete those comments which take a critical view on my posts .. . no, of course not… just joking 😉 )

So now I’m not a sociopath anymore. I’m a community member, right? I have arrived in the present! I’m a digital individual with a blog. My digital voice can be heard! I’m now one of many (sheep?) … oh wait!

Ok, if you already found logic, grammatic, etc mistakes you’ll probably find more of them in the future. My native language isn’t english. I try hard to find mistakes and correct them but I’m just human. I don’t have the money to afford my own proofreader (If anybody wants to do this for free … just send me a message!) .

Some words about myself:

I’m half Swiss / Finn living in Switzerland. Born in 1982. I’m currently doing an apprenticeship in Information Technology. I should finish this traineeship in August 2008. I’m working on automated testing. I’m learning to use QuickTest Professional right now. It has its flaws but overall it’s a nice tool.

In my free time I’m amateur componist (electronic music). You can check my two projects on myspace: pimuri and kashmir kartell . I run a netlabel called kellerloch. It’s not very active right now.

Else I like to read the swiss journals “Die Weltwoche” and “Das Magazin“. I also like the german online magazine “Telepolis” . They tend to have interesting articles about everything.

I also like to hang around on facebook. it makes interesting use of Web 2.0 techniques.

That’s it for now. Next Post will be less self-centred, I promise 😉



2 thoughts on “first entry

  1. Nice first post. I have found that getting comments on blogs is not all that frequent. Maybe my blogs are boring:) But I have tried several places and comments are pretty rare.

    One things that helps is to make comments on other people’s blogs I think. I have zero comments here, but haven’t until now, commented on anyone’s.

    Good luck and keep posting.

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