Yesterday evening I went out to play eight-ball ( in Switzerland we just call this “Billard” ) in a local club with some friends. We were three, so we had rotating 2 vs. 1 teams. Because I don’t play this game too often I usually live on lucky strikes. I (or probably it’s my subconsciousness) surprise myself when I try to pocket a ball and then something chaotic happens. I pocket a ball of the opponent, the targeted ball goes in the wrong pocket or I plunge the white ball (d’oh). Well, that’s probably just irrational behaviour because of wrong use of force or bad aiming. But when I pocket one of my own balls (it’s still about eight-ball, okay?) in such a situation I want to send my congratulations to my subconsciuosness ( I had to look up this word in my preferred german-english dictionary LEO).

Eight-ball and all other variations of cue sports seem to be quite good to practice concentration, coordination and to some extent body control. In this local club “Cue Club 311” the music is quite loud. So this is like added value or an additional obstacle you have to conquer. If you add beer to it (what I didn’t do on that evening) it’s even harder to be good. So if you don’t like to practice your brain, cue sports in loud clubs while drinking alcoholic beverages seems a nice option which also can be fun.

Darts is also fascinating. I once saw some Darts contests on television. It’s fantastic how well a human can throw such a small object on a targeted area on this relatively small dartsboard and even repeat this several times like a robot on an assembly line.

Later that night at home I watched the very first episode of “Married… with Children” (original language version – I have to add this information, because in german speaking countries usual the movies and series are translated and e.g. Al Bundy talks german! When I was younger I liked that because you didn’t have to think too much. Nowadays I prefer original language versions. It’s cooler because you hear the actor’s original voice, the jokes aren’t modified and your brain has some work to do. Sometimes I need subtitles because some dialects are very hard to understand) . It’s one of my favourite series that have been made. Some people don’t like that kind of humour but then I probably wouldn’t get along with those people, either 😉 . The only thing I don’t like too much about it is the recorded laughter in it. It almost forces you to laugh. I prefer to be able to decide when to laugh and when not 😉 .

Ok this is it for now,



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