Creativity in games


Today, a friend on IRC posted a link to a small article with a video. It’s about a Jump’n’Run game in development called Fez. There actually isn’t much text in the article. The author seemed to like this game very much even though he hadn’t played it yet. But… there is a video! In the video you first see a pixelated Super Mario alike game. The music which is played has this retro-touch (say C64, Amiga chiptunes and the like…) . It first doesn’t seem too spectacular.

(I wonder if this ghostlike thing, that represents the player is in this game, is some future promotional figure for dairy products?)


Screenshot from the linked video on the article “GDC 08 : Fez, the best game I have never played” .

It could be just another 2d Jump’n’Run. Saw that, next… but wait! At approx. 0′ 55” you get a small glimpse of what is different in this game. Suddenly the camera rotates in the 3rd dimension.


Screenshot from the linked video on the article “GDC 08 : Fez, the best game I have never played” .

In this game you can and even have to switch perspective to get further. In the video how the player switches the view to get on top of that strange structure. I think this is going to be funny and a good practise for the brain.

On the following two screenshots you see basically the same. On the second picture the view was rotated so the player has access to some previously unaccessible area.

Screenshots from the linked video on the article “GDC 08 : Fez, the best game I have never played” .

Well I’m curious how it will be to play this game and when it will be available. If I read correctly it is made for PC. But maybe they will port it to other platforms, too?

Warning Forever

A game that has addictive potential and is already available (for several years..) is the freeware game “Warning Forever” for windows. It’s a 2d shooter made by a japanese guy named Hikoza T Ohkubo.

Basically what you have to do in this game is shoot and dodge (oh .. now that idea is so “new” 😉 ) . There is always only one enemy on the screen. It’s always some huge endboss who tries to destroy your “vector grahics” spacecraft.

Warning Forever

Screenshot from “Warning Forever” : Here you see me getting “kicked in the butt” by the third boss.

After destryoing a boss you get some stats about how well you did in this level and some time to breath. In the next level the enemy will be bigger and have more weapons shooting at you. If you get killed during the game you don’t lose lifes but time. For each level you get a basic ammount of time to get through. If you get killed you lose precious time. So this game is good if you like some adrenaline.

I like this game because it’s quite simple and addictive. It’s not complicated like many games today are. This game was made by one person. There are big companies with huge budgets who make games less addictive.

One advantage of making a game all alone is … you don’t have to listen to what some managers tell you to do. There is no deadline. You can make the game exactly how you want it to be. Of course I understand that game developers who earn money with their work can’t be blamed for this. It’s just about the same with artists who try to make money with their work or those who just do it as a hobby.

Ok enough of loud thinking ;-).

You can get “Warning forever” here.

If you like smaller shooters like this one check out the homepage “ABA Games” . There’s more creative, adrenaline releasing stuff!


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