Hmm … last post was like over a half a year ago. Shame on me. But isn’t it better to shut up than just to force yourself to produce text when you don’t have anything important to tell?

Today I’d like to talk about spore. I assume there are already over 1 billion blog entries for that game. But hey…  probably somebody is interested in my opinion! We are all individuals, right? (individual #123 : “No I’m not!!”) ok.

Well… spore… spore is a game which was created by the same guy who has brought us Sim City and the whole Sim-whatever-series (including Sim Life, Sim Ants, Sim Tower, Sim City 2000, 3000, ok ok  enough 😉 ), Will Wright.

The idea is easy. You play through evolution (sorry to all you religious people out there!) in fast forward. You start with a protozoon (had to look this up) or something similar and evolute until you have creatures that build ufos and abduct poor, underdeveloped creatures from far planets. You can also kill them with a nice laser beam (*har har*)!

The cool thing about this? There are several different playmodes in this very same game. In the beginning you have this pacman-alike mode where you search for plankton to grow (and collect DNA or food or something) and every now and then you call for a mating partner and make that sweeeeeet luuuv’ .  And no .. you don’t see the process of reproduction, just some hearts ♥ .Ok enough of that. Every time you copulate you get into an editor where you can add stuff to your super small creature. You can add more eyes (or even make a creature without eyes!),  add mouth and defensive mechanisms like  poison or good old electrocuting-eel-taser. In this fashion you continue to some extent and then get in another phase.

Your creature will leave the water after some playtime and you can start messing around with limbs, tails, backbones and the details like mutliple mouths and eyes in the belly or whatever you like. Your creature can have 3 legs, 7 short t-rex arms which aren’t useful at all or other strange stuff. You can create your own frankenstein’s creature. You can create your worst nightmare and have fun with it!

Later you get into tribes and can fight other tribes of other species.

Even later you can build cars (you can design them yourself. how cool is that!), houses, ships and airplanes and conquer the whole world!

As soon as you have reached that you can fly into space and start abducting other creatures and conduct experiments on them (ok haven’t got so far .. don’t know if you can really do that). And you can colonize planets and so on. I can’t tell you more because I need to continue playing to be able to.

The animations of those 3d-monsters will be created with some clever algorirthms (at least I hope so) and also the planets (there are like ∞ planets because those are created in some procedural way, too afaik. ) . The game will get creatures of other players from the internet and include them in your game. So maybe you have some strange aliens on some planet which were designed by Klaus from Germany or by Igor from Russia. The possibilites are endless. These procedural concepts come from the demoscene (check www.pouet.net and wikipedia) who have to use tricks for putting many minutes of 3d realtime animation with music into as much as 64 kbytes (also check Candytron by farbrausch).

Here you have some videos of my creatures:

This is an editor where you can give your creatures accessories.

Here you can see one of my creatures domesticating a wild creature.

Here you see me flying the ufo and ‘scanning’. hrhrhr.

Thanks for reading!



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