Mini Whiteboard

Today I’m gonna write about my mini whiteboard. I bought this whiteboard about half a year ago. I never really used it because I thought it needed to be put on the wall. I was too lazy to do that ( yes, I really was).  A few days ago or was it actually Sunday, yesterday it thought to myself “hey… why don’t give it another try… you don’t need to put it on the wall .. just use it like paper!”. So I did. And it’s actually fun. You can draw silly stuff you’d never draw on paper because of the permanent fear of people checking your trash for naughty drawings. After drawing you just clean the things you draw away.

Let’s talk about the specs. The mini whiteboard I have is bigger than usual “A4″. It’s square in shape (You could for example do some geometry hacks. w00t!) and one side measures 41 cm ( ~ 16” ). I got a blue pen, a few magnetic “hands” and a cleaning magnet with it. I don’t really need the hands. It would make sense to use them for paper notes or other stuff when the whiteboard would hang on a wall. Maybe I find them useful later.

Why should anybody use a whiteboard at home?  Maybe you want to program something and gotta sketch your algorithm or just draw a big smilie.  Maybe you’re a drug dealer and try to find the best cutting ratio and gotta handle variables. If you have a webcam or a digital camera you could make stop motion animations. You can use your whiteboard for solving your math homework or for drawing the nightsky in detail in inverse colour if you have savant syndrome. You can play tic-tac-toe or design new games on it. You can use it as messageboard or chatroom if you never see your flatmates. Design a new recipe on the fly while you cook with the stuff you just found in the refrigerator. The cool thing is. You don’t waste paper. You can draw and draw and draw and if you think something should be put on paper you can do copy it or take a picture of it. Maybe you  glue magnets to mugs and use the whiteboard as secure mug holder.

If you think “hey .. . maybe I should try out a whiteboard but I’m not sure I want to invest [how much it costs] and then after a while I throw it to the neighbours garden.” you don’t have to buy one. You can start by making one with paper, cardboard and plastic foil. Use the almighty google to find some manual. If you are too lazy look if you find a used one or just start drawing on your bathroom-walls. Maybe that’ll give you some inspiration.

And now let’s draw that naughty stuff!

My mini whiteboard
My mini whiteboard

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