Bewitched Day

The beginning of today was nice. After 8 (yeah e-i-g-h-t!!!) hours of sleep I got up. I took a shower, drank a cup of coffee and took some spare batteries for my shitty old MP3-Player with me. I rode my bicycle  to the railroad station. I just got on the train. Feew. I almost got naked in the train to cool down. I wanted to change the batteries of my MP3-Player but… hooray. Wrong battery-size! No music for you! D’oh. At least I had my book with me and started reading. Opposite me there were younger people talking and talking and talking and I couldn’t ignore them. I checked my mobile phone and I couldn’t do anything. I turned it off, turned it on again and entered the wrong code 3 times. Hooray. In Bern I bought a 6-grain bun and took the bus to my working place. After work, I took the train home and switched to bicycle. In the middle of my way home the bicycle had a fatal error (the gear-changing unit or how ever it is called collided with the wheel.  I had to walk home. I thought .. huh … not the best day ever.. (There was also that school shooting in Finland).  But then I saw that I had gotten a postcard from a dear friend. And there was a late birthday present in a package, too. Hooray. The day wasn’t that bad after all. 🙂