Bewitched Day

The beginning of today was nice. After 8 (yeah e-i-g-h-t!!!) hours of sleep I got up. I took a shower, drank a cup of coffee and took some spare batteries for my shitty old MP3-Player with me. I rode my bicycle  to the railroad station. I just got on the train. Feew. I almost got naked in the train to cool down. I wanted to change the batteries of my MP3-Player but… hooray. Wrong battery-size! No music for you! D’oh. At least I had my book with me and started reading. Opposite me there were younger people talking and talking and talking and I couldn’t ignore them. I checked my mobile phone and I couldn’t do anything. I turned it off, turned it on again and entered the wrong code 3 times. Hooray. In Bern I bought a 6-grain bun and took the bus to my working place. After work, I took the train home and switched to bicycle. In the middle of my way home the bicycle had a fatal error (the gear-changing unit or how ever it is called collided with the wheel.  I had to walk home. I thought .. huh … not the best day ever.. (There was also that school shooting in Finland).  But then I saw that I had gotten a postcard from a dear friend. And there was a late birthday present in a package, too. Hooray. The day wasn’t that bad after all. 🙂


Ordinary morning commute.

I’m working in the outskirts of Berne, the capital of Switzerland. So I commute approximately 3 hours per day. First I walk to the bus-station. Then I ride the bus to the train station. After that I ride the RBS (it’s a train) to Berne. It takes about 35 – 40 minutes. This doesn’t seem long. But it’s a long ride when you have too much fluid in your body (and feel an urgency…) or aren’t in the mood to listen to early birds chatting about nonsense. I usually read the free daily newspaper “20 Minuten” ( English. “20 Minutes”) . Okay, usually I start with the crossword and later go through the rest. This newspaper is more like a doughnut with lots of sugar and fat (news about celebrities, horoscope, some comics I find very boring and some “important news”, too) than like a healthy meal. But hey! At least it’s free 😉 .

I try to solve the crossword using my left hand rather than using my right, “the right”, hand. I read a book called “train your brain” (ISBN-10: 3453600649 , ISBN-13: 978-3453600645 , I think there’s only a German version right now…) by Rüdiger Gamm. He’s called “The Human Calculator”. He can do unbelievable calculations in his head. In the book he writes what you can do for having a good memory and a well-oiled brain. It’s not only about memorizing techniques and nutrition but also about “brain synchronisation”. E.g. do things you usually do with your right hand with your left hand (writing, brushing your teeth, etc … but he says you should avoid shaving with the “wrong” hand because that can get bloody 😉 ) to activate those brain hemispheres. So that’s is why I’m solving the crossword with my left hand in the train. Even if it doesn’t make me smarter it’s still cool to be able to write with the “wrong” hand and better than learning nothing in the train.